About Andrea...

"My goal is to create a world of peaceful children who will develop into mindful adults"

My name is Andrea White and as apart of Together We Make a Difference, I facilitate the Peaceful Kids, Peaceful Parents & Girl Power programs, along with other programs and workshops I have developed myself.

I have a deep yearning to support others, especially young people who are facing struggles in their own life such as anxiety, stress and depression. My experience and personal growth as a classroom teacher, Inclusive Education Co-ordinator, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal has enabled me to discover my passion, which is bringing inner peace to those I come in contact with. As an Early Childhood Educator I am aware of the importance to build relationships and trust with young people. I am a truly dedicated to the young people I teach and mindful of being in the present moment with them.

I have been trained to facilitate the Peaceful Kids, Peaceful Parents & Girl Power programs. My qualifications include: a Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education), Bachelor of Special Education, Masters of Educational Leadership and I come from a Counselling background.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to   contact me.


Andrea White


International Women's Day 2022

See the highlights reel from Andrea's 2022 International Women's Day Speech, held in March 2022 in Gawler.