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Peaceful Teens

Peaceful Teens is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology based program,

created by Wellbeing For Kids, to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in teenagers.

The program has been created to support teenagers with a developmentally appropriate program that gives them the skills, practice, and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress. The program also involves parental involvement and commitment to supporting the strategies at home. 


Outcomes of the Peaceful Teens program include: 

  • Lessen symptoms of anxiety and stress in teenagers

  • Teaches teenagers to self-calm

  • Empowers teenagers to manage their own anxiety and stress symptoms

  • Builds emotional resilience

  • Develops emotional intelligence skills

  • Teaches teenagers life-long skills to manage stress and prevent stress build up

  • Supports teenagers so they know that they are not alone with suffering from anxiety

The 8-week program is for teenagers that may be experiencing anxiety and stress. The program has been created to provide the skills, practice, therapy and support that children can use to overcome the symptoms of anxiety and stress.


Andrea teaches many life-long coping skills such as: a range of mindfulness meditations, positive psychology exercises, techniques to lesson worrying, problem solving strategies, facing challenges step-by-step, understanding and recognising their own feelings and being in the moment and enjoying the present.

Weekly program

Andrea facilitates the Peaceful Teens program to age groups of 12-16 years old, however does cater her program to fit the age range of young people who participate.

Private sessions

Andrea also offers private sessions of Peaceful Teens with young people, please contact Andrea for more information on these sessions. Self-managed & planned-managed NDIS is also available.


School programs

Andrea also facilitates the Peaceful Teens program in schools, during school hours. If your school is interested in facilitating the program, please contact Andrea

For more information on the Peaceful Teens program, please contact Andrea. For children, Andrea offers the Peaceful Kids program

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